Milk Sippy

Milk Sippy is a range of innovative milk flavourings straws that brings excitement to drinking milk.

As a reward, or as a treat, mums now find it easy to get their kids to love their plain milk. Milk Sippy makes drinking milk fun!

The chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours contains only natural colours and flavours and no artificial sweeteners. Available both in an English and Spanish version, Milk Sippy is a hit with kids everywhere.

The Company

Milk Sippy is a brand owned by The Asian Food Factory Pte Ltd a Singapore based trading company that conducts business in India, Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

The company’s brands are on the shelves of International retail Chains like Cold Storage, Lotte, Tesco and others.

The Brand

Milk Sippy is an innovative milk flavouring straw with glucose beads in multiple delicious flavours.

Milk Sippy adds fun and excitement to milk. Dip a straw of Milk Sippy in a glass of milk and Sip! The milk dissolves the flavoured beads to make drinking milk an enjoyable experience.

Milk Sippy straws are merchandised next to flavoured tetra pack milk on the ambient shelves and next to fresh milk in the chiller section of supermarkets.

Product Info

It is available packs of 5 straws in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream and Choco-Banana.

Containing just 6 grams of sugar per portion or just 3% sugar per serving (when consumed with a 200ml glass of milk) it is a better alternative than packed ready flavoured milk that can contain up to 14% sugar.

Available At

Sonnamera distributes Milk Sippy to 250 supermarkets in Singapore including the modern trade outlets of Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong and Giant.

For more information on Singapore's distribution, please visit

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