McCain Foods quickly became established within the Canadian marketplace. This was the start of an amazing journey to become the world's largest manufacturer of frozen potato products - with one in every four frozen potato products in the world being made by McCain Food.

McCain Foods has grown significantly over the years with products now available in more than 160 countries. We are proud that we continue to be a global leader in prepared potato products - including our popular French fries - and appetizers.

McCain Foods offers food offering delicious fries, potato creations, tasty appetizers, pizzas and desserts.

1) Fries: potato or sweet potato, fried or oven-baked or microwaved, straight or crinkled, thin cut or thick-cut, and potato skin-on or skin-off.

2) Potato Creations: jacket potatoes, wedges, roast potatoes, croquettes, mash, lattice fries, spirals, potato pancakes, hash browns, potato smiles, potato patties, tasti taters and potato bites

3) Appetizers: onion rings, cheese nuggets, breaded mushrooms, cheese sticks, stuffed Jalapenos

The Asian Food Factory Pte Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the Organic Tattva's Brand in Singapore.

For more information on our distribution in Singapore, please visit

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